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Written: October 1st, 2010 By:
Edward Tenison Jr.
Edward Tenison Jr.
Co-founder and Art Director

We here at Five O’Clock Media appreciate good design and development when we see it, so we have made a list of ten sites that we loved this summer, in no particular order.

Wing Cheng | Graphic and Web Designer

URL: http://www.wingcheng.com/
Why we picked it: This is one of the most unique portfolio designs I have seen to-date. We can really appreciate the effort that went into making sketches of each of the projects on his portfolio.

Wing Cheng

Brad Coleman | NASCAR #18 Nationwide Series Driver | Team JGR

URL: http://www.bradcoleman.us/
Designed By: Five O’Clock Media
Why we picked it: We don’t mean to toot our own horn. We picked this site since it is a great representation of social media being integrated fully into a web site, from the YouTube video to the Twitter feeds on just about every page.

Brad Coleman

Goin Nutty

URL: http://www.goinnutty.com/
Why we picked it: We love the simplicity of this great web site for an iPhone app. Provides big screens of the app and the same design from the game is carried over into a spacious interface. Only thing is that it’s missing is the social media element.

Goin Nutty

K•Swiss Tubes

URL: http://www.kswiss.com/gotubes/
Why we picked it: Yes it is a flash site, and it is also a very nice use of the tool. We love the simplicity of the motion and navigation of this site, using the keyboard or mouse to navigate this site is a breeze. It would be nice to see this done with social media integration and with Javascript.

K•Swiss Tubes

Exotics@RTC | Weekly Exotic Car Event in Redmond, WA

URL: http://www.exoticsatredmondtowncenter.com/
Why we picked it: We are all car enthusiasts and we love the way this site has blended our favorite technology with social media and beautiful cars.


Stockholm Hairdresser

URL: http://www.stockholmhairdresser.se/
Why we picked it: One word: “typography”.

Stockholm Hairdresser

Mobile Roadie – iPhone and Android Apps for Everyone

URL: http://www.mobileroadie.com/
Why we picked it: We love the Jazzy look and feel of this site. A great platform for app building. Great design to showcase their product.

Mobile Roadie

Giantnerd Social Shopping

URL: http://www.giantnerd.com/
Why we picked it: Very glad to see e-commerce using social media concepts.

Giantnerd Social Shopping

relogik.com | Design & innovation | Showcase of Damjan Stankovic

URL: http://relogik.com/
Why we picked it: Neat products and excellent presentation. Social Media is there; however, it is very weak on this web site. Overall, we love the creativity of these products and the web site.


Sharpie® Communities

URL: http://www.sharpieuncapped.com/
Why we picked it: Great example of social media integration and an excellent design to go with. We use Sharpies a lot here at Five O’Clock Media so why not support them on our blog?


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